August 16, 2010

Small Quicky Contest

So finally taking a bit of a break from meshing...I meshed this once damned if I can find it....and a few other models argh...oh well nothing like a dozen hours of re-meshing  lol.

This is the first small contest I am doing, its simple and the future there will be greater challenges//but for now my brain is tired. However the first to get this right will be rewarded, but they will not find out how, along with a few others until wave 4. (Sorry Wave 3 is just getting to big lol)

And yes the sad part is I have wave 4 mapped out already. I decided the full wave today actually. No rest for the wicked I guess lol.

Anyways for a bit of fun...and just to see who comes here that is clever I give u a riddle...

 I was made broken. There were once many like me, and though they were only a pale shade of me, there power was great. We carried both men and woman alike, though they were not always aware of it. I have heard rumors of another the color of the sky....but they are not like me.

Please do not email me the answer as i might overlook it.

What Am I?


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