August 26, 2010

Pre-release is away!

I have sent about 40 emails...if I missed u and you have been active, and u PREVIOUSLY emailed me your address forgive me, I'm exhausted lol.

If you posted in the last week and liked me for years, or were unable to post for whatever reason... I appreciate the interest, and you can enjoy the public release on the 4th.

Incase of any issues this is the email I have sent:

T.A.R.D.I.S. Release info Please Read Carefully.

Do Not Download Files IF PRE-RELEASE FILES make you uncomfortable
Do Not Download And Ask for support, it will not be given.
Do Not Download And expect everything to be enabled..its not.
Do Not Save With Active test Files.

Some features are missing.
Some Objects are missing.
Secret Event is missing.

There are bugs.
There are likely still debug messages in game files.

Most things work great.

Public Proper Release Date is Sept 4th. This is a preview release only.




All objects, special events etc will be  available at public release time. I would encourage everyone who wants the full experience to wait, but for those who recieve the emails and decide to download the files. I hope you enjoy.

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