August 6, 2010

Attention Please

THIS IS A LONG RANT LOL I WARN YOU NOW! (Also Wave 3 Details Inside)

Lately, I have been putting, and have in the past put a crazy amount of time and effort into my mods. And I don't ask for thanks, I don't ask people to visit ads...although it wouldn't hurt (purchase next expansion hint hint lol) But when I ask for input, I'd appreciate it if people would take it serious.

Some come here, see something they really like and say thanks. Others see something that inspires an idea and drop me an email. Other see a posting on youtube of an early preview and show there interest or excitement. Others contribute by helping boost my revenue, and others simply come here download the latest files ignore anything else and bugger off. It is to those people that I take issue.

So here's what going to happen in the future..from now on when a wave of mods is completed and ready to be released it will be put on hold for 1 - 2 weeks for the general public. Those people who have in there own way shown some form of appreciation or interest, through remarks, ideas, or other will receive access to my mods sooner. This is not meant as a punishment for not emailing/commenting etc, but to reward those who have and do take an interest in what mods I am creating. Otherwise why am I doing it.

I know what everyone who reads this is thinking...crap I need to post something or I'm going to have to wait. Don't waste your time. The ones who have contributed in the past will be auto added to my list, those who suddenly just post some random blurb wont. If its not a genuine thought, idea or other, you need not waste your time.

So now to avoid any slew of requests or ideas just to gain access to the early release here are the details for wave 3:

Wave 3 - T.A.R.D.I.S

No Date of Release Yet, but not a long time off
Will be BASED on 9th & 10th Doctor's T.A.R.D.I.S.
The Key & Demat Circuit and other pieces will be included in the Wave and be part of the experience of building and repairing the Tardis. As must be repaired and placed inside the Tardis to allow functions.

Fully Built & Working Condition Tardis will be able to Travel ANYWHERE in Current World. To Other Worlds. And around other worlds.
Will Have some Time Travel Functions, and Time Manipulations.
Alot of Features from Sims 2 Version will be included.

THERE WILL BE and Interior Set, that functions with the Exterior Model, and will be accessed through the T.A.R.D.I.S. to a set of Matching Doors, placed on your lot, to allow you to design your own set, and you will get the interior with the doors back to the Tardis.

Not all of the objects in WAVE 3 are posted in upcoming yet.

Over 1/2 of the code is completed. Mainly Travel. So Yes ALL TRAVEL mentioned is its not a car.

I hope a lot of people are excited, and happy. I know how many people have expressed interest in public releases of these in the past.


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