May 7, 2011

Timelord Emergency Time Ring

Timelord Emergency Time Ring
screenshot.jpg Once used by the Doctor to return from Skaro. Time Rings are unique in that they can travel to any preprogrammed special / temporal coordinates. Useful for returning home.

Script Core Additions & Changes Log
3.1.Release 8/5/2010
  • Emergency Transition to HomeLot From Town
  • Transition you to Near Mailbox
  • Future Options added for Additional Travel
3.3.TestRelease 4/30/2011
  • Script References Fixed (LateNightScriptFix)
  • Travel into Gallifrey Past
  • Linked To New Vortex Travel System
Bug Log
  • Private Testing
Latest Object & Model Download
Last UpdatedPrimary DownloadAlternate DownloadReport Bug
Friday, April 30, 2010 Download Download Report Bug

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