July 6, 2010

Quick note

This is just a quick reminder that I am only accepting ideas/suggestions for TimeLord / Regeneration mod for another 5 days, after that its strictly coding features and testing.

When submitting ideas please give as much detail as possible..

Some facts you should know. I have already written the core of the mod. In other words i have already written code that allows your sim to be recognized as a Timelord, aka Simbiotic Nuclei. It stores values such as How Recieved (Knowledge, Training, Birth/Cloned/Loomed, Metacrysis), current incarnation, how many regenerations remaining and if can control regeneration or not, if essence is present or been removed (Fob Watch), and Tardis Link Info, and reaction to vortex (Gone Mad/Ran Away/Inspired). All properties features from Sims 2 Version. I am open to adding other features if they seem interesting or serve a good purpose.

Knowledge Method: Black Scrolls, Worthy Sims based on Traits & Skills. I currently am using a scoring system, if not worthy sim dies. I have not yet come up with a way to allow a sim to learn if he is worth or not...so it may be just an issue of revealing scoring system...

Metacrysis: I will be expanding the Doctors hand to store and create a TimeLord/Sim Hybrid...Still open to ideas on this...

Training: Considering creating a Custom Skill for this..not sure yet....

Cloning/Loomed/Born: Genetic Anomaly Clone Machine, perhaps others aswell...open to ideas

The Timelord Classes are based on How Received & Reaction to Vortex, they will affect sims personallity etc from RANDOM regen, I am open to suggestions of what each class should be able to do over others or how skills / personality should be affected etc.

I have also written code to allow a sim to prevent dying and trigger his regeneration. Right now I can allow for you to send your sim to the CAS editor in full mode...rather easy since it was a debug command, just traced and duplicated the code... The problem with this method is, one I think Random is better, more controllable as to what chnages are made...the other side is there are issues with sims de-aging in the game cuasing problems, adults to kids etc... I have only seen 1 persons example on how they changed a sims age, and it is very unreliable, and using my own method i encountered similar issues. Sims that stretch because they try to interact with an object that they really should not be able to etc... Keeping this in place means writing a very complicated bunch of code to try to account for any chnages made to the sims in this mode...

As far as random mode, I have written code for cloning and random sims creating and have analyzed the method of doing this on the fly, and I believe this will be possible. I am still debugging the result of age changing codes before I get back to this.

There is no date set for any releases, I will post a rough expected date when and what will be released on the 15th. I will be releasing mods in waves not individually (though down the road there may be some) to allow objects that are closely linked in function or required, to avoid having to rerelase as much as i can.

One method I have considered for Regeneration is to Replace your sim with a new sim...for the potential possibility to meet yourself :) But I assume that everyone would just rather your existing sim change.

So any ideas for how to become timelord, skills or abilities you would like sims to have being unique to being a timelord...traits for skils for timelords etc...if its a good idea, and well thought out I am open to any ideas. Feel free to email if that is easier..


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