July 25, 2010

Thanks to Everyone Who Tested

Thank you to everyone who reported issues the encountered with WAVE 1. With everything, not all requested features are possible, at least at this time due to limitations in either my knowledge..or the editing tools available.

I will be posting some bug fixes in a few day that address some of the issues reported. Including re-enabling some features that got turned off in error, or dialogs that were not showing up correctly. Example anyone who had lessons turned off would not see most of the messages etc. Some Notifications have been fixed. Some Autonomy issues have been corrected and some interactions have been made a little more strait forward. I have also added some messages to display if function is disabled and why for some objects. Also some interactions between object cause objects to possibly dissappear etc..so anyways lol...next few days I will pop up an update. And will be shown on main page.

Make no mistake..I will always add more features as I come across methods that work better. Example some fx are too large...still looking for replacements.

Also IF ANYONE has access to sx.exe for converting EA Audio to MP3 etc that would be a huge help in possibly adding custom sounds in the future..Apparently the file was made available in FIFA 2005 custom editor or similar name. I don't know if it was included after that...and I don't know what version I need. But if sounds are to be possible this would be a help.

Currently I have begun working on WAVE 2, SOME of the planned objects are listed in the upcoming section. In development, means they are being worked on for later releases. in some cases the mods are done/partially done. But are being held off until because future plans makes it better to wait.

Ideas are welcome, but I have planned out at least my next 2-3 waves.


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