July 12, 2010

New Poll

Thanks to all those who took the time to answer the last poll, it helped make some final decisions. So I am using this method again to see how people feel in regards to Doctor 10.5 etc. Please think carefully, and base your choice not only on accuracy but what you would like to see. Also if you have thoughts about Fob Watched TimeLords / Hand grown Metacrysis Timelords in addition to the poll, please feel free to comment or drop and email. if it goes against established facts, justify why I it could be and I'll consider it.

Though I will warn you now, Timelords who purposefully do not regenerate, may face a dangerous situation the next time..

Accepting suggestions up to the 16th, after that any good ideas that are suggested will still be considered but will be put to the back of my to do list...and its getting long..


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