July 21, 2010

Last post Before Release

Hey all,

Everything is moving well, I am working on the last mod in the wave, The Doctors Hand. Regenerating and using the hand is complete, and the clone code to create the cloned/altered Timelord Sim is completed. What remains is the results of using the Hand, and the Sim Altered Who initiates the cloning process.

All that remains after that is code cleanup and final testing, and any final changes I wish to make. If there is any delay it may only be a couple days to ensure the least amount of bugs possible. All mods will be considered BETA when released, and I ask when mods are released you read the PDF as there is some important points about how some of the mods work. Any bugs found I ask you to report them to my email address only. If you are not sure u wish to risk using mods that are BETA I suggest you wait a couple weeks before downloading or that if you use them not to save your game.

Overall i think the mods came out pretty decent for just getting into Sims3 modding, and already they are doing some pretty cool things. Though knowing me, I'll end up adding more features lol. There is a very good chance they will be released Thursday but if there is a delay, at worst would only be few more days. So please don't ask if they are not available. My next post to the site will be with the download links.


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