July 22, 2010

Answering Quick Questions

You cannot download Regeneration is it is integrated into the Shared Script File. I have indicated in the PDF and in the change log that this was done. It is kept separate for information purposes and changes only.

How Sims can earn Nuclei is explained in the PDF.

Important Note Buying the Nuclei was supposed to be disabled, and I forgot lol. As it was left that way for testers using debug functions...functions were disbled but i forgot to remove it from catalog. You sims will not register properly if you are trying to use it in that way.

These are public beta, and I expect there to be some issues that didn't show up because of testers mostly using debugging functions..If there are please email me directly with full description, and how you experienced it etc..Just saying it didn't do this or that..will be ignored.


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