October 12, 2011

TimeLord Regeneration

TimeLord Regeneration
screenshot.jpg A Timelord has 13 lives. Able to regenerate tissue after death and be reborn. Some Timelords can control their regeneration, even divert energies to prevent a full change. And some suffer greatly.

Script Core Additions & Changes Log
3.0.Release 7/21/2010
  • Intigrated into Core
  • Allows Auto Regeneration at Death
  • Supports Random Ages (Young Adult - Elder)
  • Supports Random Traits For 4 TimeLord Classes
  • Supports Random Favorites
  • Supports Random LifeTimeWish
  • Supports Random Appearance
  • Skills Remain
  • Allows Click Regen (Certain Classes)
  • Added Initial Support For Manual Selections
3.1.Release 8/5/2010
  • Fixed Regen From Drowning
  • Tweaked Regen From Old Age
  • Autonomy Fix
  • Model Update Hud Faster
  • Removed Click Sim Regenerate Except When Sim Gets Stuck and Allowed Classes
3.3.TestRelease 4/30/2011
  • Script References Fixed (LateNightScriptFix)
  • Linked to New Global Core For Listener
  • Added Death by Thirst to Unsurvivable Deaths
  • Linked to Skill Tree
3.4.TestRelease 6/19/2011
  • Fix: Allows Additional Body Parts (Generations)
Bug Log
  • Private Testing
Features Without Packages
This mod DOES NOT not have a package file, since there is no model/external resource needed, it has been integrated into the script core.

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