June 21, 2010

One more time ..

Okay some are still having a hard time understanding this, so I will say this one last time:

I am only taking emails / comments in regards to features you would like to see in regards to becoming a Timelord. How it will happen, how it will be earned, if there will be different types of timelords etc.

I am not responding to or posting comments about the Tardis..its interior, traveling so please stop asking. As 90% of the emails I am getting is about this. I understand everyone wants this, I get it..I really really do....but I am not having the Tardis until after initial TimeLord mods.

As many have noticed there are updates being made in the development section, this shows what I have been doing and what my current attention is on. So yes it is likely Doctor WHO mods are coming everyone's way. I don't have a release date as stated I will make a post about when to expect and what to expect on the 15th. The main reason for this is to give me time to fully explore what can and can not be done.

I appreciate all those who are eager and excited and have expressed interest in being testers etc...I have testers currently, and with problems I have had in the past I don't expect to be having any others.

I try to respond to all the emails I get, BUT Please ONLY Email me if you have detailed suggestions, or ideas. Not questions or requests. I will allow for this down the road, and as I don't want to seem rude by not returning emails, please limit them to these reasons. If in doubt just leave a comment, in the appropriate spot. I will in the future put some kind of suggestion page up or something.


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