June 16, 2010

My Journey into the Unknown

I started off writing a long detailed account of my experience with the current modding tools for sims 3 and how some crashed or were useless, or too simple for my aims....but I realized most of you wouln't want to see six paragraphs of me ranting lol.

So here's the situation. I am looking into things, to see if its possible to create mods that are not simple objects. i do not have the expansions and I may have to get them to really see the possibilities, but for now will have to examine the base game objects. However I am not even sure if the current tools even support the expansions.

If I manage to find ways of creating the objects I wish for a first wave of mods then there is a good chance I will...please no requests. i will not be posting here again until July 15th. Even if things go very well and I manage to create a mod or two, there will be nothing until then. However I will ask for your input either in comment or email to the following 3 questions only:

1. What would you like to see for skill requirements to become a timelord?

2. How do you feel about regeneration, would you like complete random stats etc, or a base minimal and then random the rest etc. If possible, skin / gender change? Sims still ages, but regens not die 13 times? Or not age?

3. How would you like your Sim to become a timelord?

Until July 15th

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