October 12, 2011

Torchwood - Biosample Stasis Container

Torchwood - Biosample Stasis Container
screenshot.jpg Poor Jack wanted to find the Doctor so badly he developed a bio container technology that once held the Doctor's hand it proved useful when the doctor needed a bio-matching receptacle.

Script Core Additions & Changes Log
3.0.Release 7/21/2010
  • Store Regeneration in Hand
  • Create TimeLord/Sim Clone
  • Metacrysis Dorment Sim
3.1.Release 8/5/2010
  • Stability Fixed
  • Autonomy Fixes
  • Removed Unneeded Messages
3.3.TestRelease 4/30/2011
  • Script References Fixed (LateNightScriptFix)
  • Renamed From : The Doctor's Hand
  • Changed Base Model & Package For More Features
  • Feature: Take Sample (Grows Hand)
  • Change: Regen divert energy (Artron), only if match sample.
  • Change: Clone based physically on original sample.
  • Change: Artron Energy Add/Remove/Read/Write/Fx Prepare
Bug Log
Latest Object & Model Download
Last UpdatedPrimary DownloadAlternate DownloadReport Bug
Friday, April 30, 2010 Download Download Report Bug

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