April 27, 2009

New Doctor Who Blog Coming....

As I just recently mentioned I am/have been working on a new Blog for Doctor Who. I pan on it being one of the most comprehensive bogs around. Not just for spoilers. Now I'm not big on infomration like ratings etc, but I have some great ideas for it. I have got the software mostly written that I will be uing to format my Posts to a unilateral style, much like my mod tables etc. But if anyone has any suggestions for features or things you would like to see available please feel free to drop me a line or post a comment.

In the mean time if you wanna see the logo i designed and a really early draft of the site layout, goto http://weboftime.dragonsire.net/. Just keep in mind I do not have any info or widgets I am using uploaded yet, as I will be doing it all in 1 day when I do.

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