April 25, 2009

About the Specials

Just my take on what's coming.....

The Doctor has been see filming in a variety of different places and with a variety of people. First I wanna address the issue of the master. There HAVE been reports of him filming and even being pictured in a shot with Wilf. The debate seems to be is he, or is he an extra. Well there is an extra who does look a lot like him.

Simm (Planet Gallifrey)

Now me I would like to believe it is because the Doctor needs a worthy foe, the Master to me has always been his arch nemesis, and in another way, friend. Dont yell, its true, he could have destroyed him utterly many times, and his DEATHS usually resulted because the Doctor COULDN"T save him. Plus if you consider the audios or books, it has always made it clear the Master and Doctor were the oldest of friends before they became enemies..

But the knock four times.....maybe the Master's sound of drums....but I believe it is more than that. It is either what the actual drums are, death etc, or an act that will happen, like the doctor will nearly die 4 times, or someone close will.

But here is the 1 element no one is talking about....when the Doctor regenerates will he though. Bare with me here. He's on his 10/11 regen cycle depending on what you believe, I belive he used up a regeneration, Matt Smith may be the 11th Doctor but on his 12th regen cause one got used. Why didn't Doctor Regenerate? Simple...Rose..All I'm gonna say...Rose. But since then he is getting darker, and darker. Regen may help this...but I don't think so. According to most media etc it started with the 6th Doctor, and I just don't mean the Valeyard. When Davison regenerated he felt it going wrong...although yeah think they all did, but it felt different. 7th Doctors was a clown, but that changed drasticly, becoming a manipulator and hinting at being more than a timelord. 8th Doctor movie was friendly humanish, but if you, and I do consider the Audio plays cannon he gets very dark at times. And by the accounts of books and comics, very dark in those aswell, which we all know eventually leeds to the destruction of the TimeLord's at his hands, maybe more than once.

9th Rose helped meloow him some, which helped 10th be so close with Rose his heart having mended some. BAM Looses her, MArtha, Donna etc....his dark side become more and more apparent. Yes he is still a funny happy go at times, but its like a switch gets turned and then darkness. And with what is happening in the specials likely to get pushed right over.

So this brings me to my long winded point. How will Matt's Regen change the doctor...I think it will be a degenerate....I think a simple regen will not fix dear old doc, think something will happen on such a level that Doctor will either get younger, loose his memories or soething further that may actually reboot the character somehow. This would suck, as I can't stand reboots. But it might be the onlt way for Doctor to get rid of the dark side of his nature.

But....We will see. As for Rose/Donna/Martha/Jack etc. I believe since Sarah Jane is showing up, unless that is for a clip for her show only, which would be kinda cool, then they should have Rose. But that leave too much to cover in 2 eps...so I think it will be just Donna and Sarah Jane, and Maybe Jack since they could use a clip on Torchwood. Rose coming through with his human version...would be terrible, unless and only if the remaining part of the Doctor went into the human version somehow. Making Matt Smith truly Doctor 11 and Human Doctor/ Real Doctor Merge leaving with Rose.

So if not the MAster who would I like the Villian to be? Rassilon. Just see Patrick Stewart season finale first ep ending, "Hello Doctor! Welcome to the game of Rassilon!, and this time you will die!" In the finale Rassilon brings the TimeLords back but this time around they are no longer passive guardian of the web. And the Doctor goes on the run...again.

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