February 1, 2009

Tardis Testing! and the Future

Testing results, logs etc DO NOT GET POSTED in COMMENTS. I cannot respond to such requests that way, and I will not have Tech questions in the comment areas. In addtion I very specificly have mentioned in a prior post the Tardis is a PREVIEW and not not send me comments about bugs until I have released it as TEST.

To Address a couple questions asked...a TimeLord Sim will cause an error with this. In order to allow just play I made it so non timelords could use it, I never corrected it for use with a Timelord. This is fixed. Will be released with my updated mod, there are issues with getting in and out, these will be corrected.

If you have bugs on this or any mod. I have 0 problem with you contacting me and If I need to see logs I will provide my email address for you to do so. I can not fix something if I do not know it is broken. But I want full information, what you were before something happeded, if you canceled an action, if it only happens under specific circumstances, what expansions you have etc. When a mod is updated if you simply replace the file, while and object is still on lost this does not always correct the problem, especially with bones. The object need to be removed from lot and re-added ..not in all cases.. but in a lot.

I do not and will not offer support on a PREVIEW OBJECT. I always make it clear if something goes wrong your own your own. Once I release something as Test I WANT FEED BACK. How else can I make something work and have the features people want.

I am in the process of working on a new mod set, as you can see in the post below and I will post information on it as soon as I have a stable Tardis Test Release. I am also doing some house cleaning of the mods that are in TESTING and have had bugs reported to me. This is what I will be doing, along with Tardis stuff over the next week.

There will not likely be time to start anything after the Cassandra/New Earth mod before I am to start a console and interior, but that will be addressed prior to starting that project.

After that there will the Doctors Hand, FobWatch to go along with console & regen stuff. Which will bring us to all new stuff: Dalek, Cyber Conversion Unit, Torchwood Cells, Cloning Machine etc. I will be releasing more information on future mods after all the existing mods in development, or in update area are completed. Plus I will be doing a competion after the console..what that will be ?? But the reward will be to choose your own Doctor Who mod to be done.

Most of the cosmetic changes are done to the site aside from the logo area..so yeah I know bit plain. I have had acouple people send me things, but I dont want to use edited scenes/clips from the show and I dont want old mods of mine in it, nor do i want images belonging to other people, it drives me nuts even with the image of the Tardis I am using, and that will not be staying. I will either get someone to draw what i have in mind or I will wait until enough of my mods are ready that I can create a really cool background.

I dont ask much, show your support, dont just leech. Contact ME directly for tech questions. Do not post direct links to my stuff and show respect in the comments area. If your unhappy about something, if I can or able I will help. Time permiting. I cannot make all mods work for everyone, nor will I always try. If someone abuses this, I can and will put up safeguards to prevent it from continuing.

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