February 7, 2009

Tardis Test Release Download

I am running my last set of tests now to ensure TimeLord menus are visible and Sim Menus are visible and that all are not showing up for both. Once completed sometime in the next 1/2 hour or so, I will be posting the download, please read bug log.

After trying for a number of hours I was only able to get 1 of the 2 features I wanted working properly. It is Lot Movement. You can now tell your Tardis where on the lot you want to go. Now this is a global mod, and will be affect/cause problems if you have a conflicting detination mod in use Teleport here or such. As it replaces the in game menu, it will not affect mods that affect destination that do not replace menu unless using the same INSTANCE NUMBERS. If unsure remove the hack or dont add mine. This will only work with Apartment Life Expansion as again, replaces menu. If i can come up with a way to get around this limitation I will do so.

As for the second feature it was i thought going to be very easy to do, and turned out to almost drive me off the bend. Simple change the direction the Tardis is facing while a Sim is inside. Should be easy right? NOPE. I either had the Tardis believing it was facing the desired direction, but physically not moving, hence walk out of wall or moving and door and sims not going with it. I tried numerous methods but with not satifactory method. I have changed a couple things, but if not even close to working right, will be hidden and disabled.

To those I have given the nod too about testing out lot transition, I will be emailing u with the download link and instructions within the hour.

Download link will be availale in New & updated & Available mods with version indication of 2.0.Alpha once I have posted it.

Changing Direction is functional but not what I had intended, Sim now exits when you change the direction you are facing, and Tardis may move phyically instead of just direction. I mainly wanted the option when materialized and trying to exit instead of always trying a new random location, to try and rotate tardis first. Doing a quick test but if it does not work, If not I will disable it, and the manual select direction option.

Tardis Direction Change when Exiting seems a bit...not exactly what I wanted but working, removing manual direction change. And posting Tardis.

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