February 6, 2009

Tardis Test Release Date Set

So I have tied up most of my loose ends now, and I satisfied with the results. I will be releasing the full Test release Saturday afternoon. This will have the Timelord Controls set and regular sim controls set and all the remaining functions I had planned excluding Lot transition.

Lot Transition is working, very basic, and as a reward to those who have been actively commenting, or showing support through other means I will be giving them exclusive access to the test releases as I add and enable more and more features into it over time. With the initial function of being able to travel back and forth to community lots. I have sent out emails inviting those interested to let me know and they will be provided links, if you did not get an email and believe this to be an error it is likely I do not have a email contact for you, or not sure if the email addresses are for the right person, as I get quite a few. So if this is you and there are atleast a dozen people I can think of that I do not have email contacts for drop me a line with your email address and I will be happy to provide the download link on Saturday if you are interested. As for everyone else, when the Mod leaves Testing wich will be likely a few weeks it will be made publicly available.

Sorry but those that just come here to download and do not contribute either in discussion, emails, or at the least show support through ad viewing, I'm sorry but I believe in rewarding people who deserve it. I track all site activity and find it sad that alot of people come here linking and bookmarking the downloads section and never go anywhere else. I hope to down the road start showing off some doctor who sims videos and fun stuff, even if they are not made with my stuff that's okay. Its Doctor Who its all good. Sims 3 is being delayed till June 3, 2009. So that gives me plenty of time to make just about everything I can think of before then.

I have about a dozen doctor who mods planned at this point that are in 1 stage or another that are not even mentioned on this site yet. So there will be tons of great things before june. Right now the order of the mods I have updating or in development listed on the site, is roughly new earth/cassandra, console interior, fob watch, doctors hand, cyber conversion unit, dalek....and then more...

Please do not hesitate to ask if you are unsure, likely if you have contributed in some manner I will be happy to give u the link.

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