February 5, 2009

Next Mod Coming

So I am heading out a couple hours and then its back to modding. So details as it were. Disease Chamber will allow your sims to produce medical cures for all diseases and produce a knock off of the sisterhood elixir of fire, not yet named. It will not aid in regeneration but prolong your life. Where does it come from? Well from sucking the life from sims...wich makes them zombies. And occassionally you will need to incinerate them and grow new flesh/sim. The Bad thing is Cassandra has this nasty habbit if treated badly and can find a suitable host, of temporarily taking over there body and if she doesn't get her demmands met well out goes the power....out come the zombies!

What you are looking at above is 2 seperate objects, so that they can be chained together. More details once Tardis Test is released.

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