January 19, 2009

TimeLord (Child Package)

As you will see in the next release section, I am expecting the beta tests to go well and be released sometime tonight once, I get Beta feed back and make any changes needed. I seem to be burning through all the old mods, just about got them all updated from the ones that have been released to the public before.

Only 3 Old Mods left:
1. Cassandra
  • New SoundFx
  • New Consequences (Summon Burglar, Start a Fire, Steal your money and Run Away)
  • Higher Payount for taking the Risk
  • New Death Texture
  • Weather Noticing, Temperature too hot....

2. Doctors Hand
  • Divert Regeneration Energy into Hand
  • Grow Clone out of Hand
  • Little bit of Fx

3. Tardis 2.0

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