January 23, 2009


Okay well Tardis updates are progressing well, today i do the final time consuming portion with repairing lot transition. (Community Lots etc) So this is your last chance for asking for features (not that I will add them all) that you would like to see, see quidelines below. I hope to do the bulk of the updating tonight, and importing of all the old features and some updates where needed tonight and tomorrow. So it all depend on how lot transition update goes. If it goes well downloads might be made available sooner than u think.

1. To not request existing features. From current release on this site, or from full features list, listed in changelog (ex lot transition, sounds, open rift, etc)

2. To not ask for features that require other mod interctions (Daleks, etc, the Doctor)

3. Try to not ask impossible things.

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