February 7, 2009


T.A.R.D.I.S. The Doctors Time Capsule. With it you can travel in time, visit other places, control the weather, heal yourself, and a great deal more. But beware the Daleks, they can sense a Tardis From anywhere!
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Version Change Log
1.0.AlphaJune 2007

  • Mesh & Texture
  • Enter / Exit
  • Change Clothes
1.1.BetaSummer 2007

  • Added Doors
  • Added Interior Shot
  • Dematerialize / Rematerialize
  • Animated Doors
  • Added Light on Top
1.2.AlphaFall 2007

  • Time Control Abilities
  • Travel Around Lot
  • Newer Mesh & Texture
1.2.BetaFall 2007 - Spring 2008

  • Travel to Community Lots
  • Build Robots
  • Pickup Potions
  • Health and Money Effects
  • Multiple Sims Travel
  • Workshop etc
1.3.AlphaSummer 2008

  • Added Requires Power
  • Open Up Rift
  • Newer Mesh & UV Mapping
  • Seperated Mesh Parts For Future Options
  • Change Weather
  • Plantman Cure Added
  • Requires Key
  • Key Uses Imprint of Nuclei to ensure can only be used for that Tardis
  • Nuclei will ensure Owner always can enter
  • Sim Dies For Good, Tardis Will Die
  • Access to Fob Watch
2.0.PreviewJanuary 30, 2009

  • New Mesh &Texture
  • More Mesh Options for Future Textures
  • Seperate Light Up Materials Bulb & Windows
  • Better Random Lot Function
  • Weather Control
  • Power Usage, Recharge with opening Rift
  • Seperate File for Lot Transitions Supported (Demat Circuit)
  • Better Compatability with Seperate File for Travel Functions (Added soon)
  • New Interior Texture (Temporary)
  • Better System for Time Travel
  • Functions Seperated by TimeLord & Human
  • and probably more....
2.0.Preview 2Febrauary 4, 2009

  • Added Random Dematerialize if land somewhere and can't get out.
  • Textured the Handle & Keyhole
  • Repaired - Now (Using Dimensional Stabilizer) can Travel to Community Lots and Return
  • Aux Control Features, Turn on and Off Lights
  • Change Exterior to Bad Wolf, Turn Left
  • >Still More Coming
2.0.AlphaFebrauary 7, 2009

  • Fixed Window Move When Entering/Exiting
  • Fixed InGame Thumbnail
  • ReEnabled TimeLord Usage Checks
  • Adjusted Mesh (Door Lock Position)
  • Adjusted Bones, Door no longer Extrudes
  • Adjusted Mesh (Handle Size & Shape)
  • Added Lighter Exterior Texture
  • Added Classic Interior View
  • Added Local Movement Around Lot
  • Added Change Direction of Tardis, When Exiting Only

Bug Tracking Log

  • Clickable Area Not Reflecting Properly
  • Ground Shadow Still Not Gone, Removal CuasedGame Crash
  • Lights not Detecting Night/Day
  • Tardis Door Sound Not Right
  • Freeze Time Not Working, Disabled...may move to something else....new idea in my head...

1.0.BASIC.F (OLD)2007/2008
2.0.AlphaFebruary 7, 2009Download

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