January 30, 2009

Tardis Type 40 Updated - PREVIEW EDITION

I will be posting a download for the Tardis in the next few minutes. Got sidetracked by real life tonight, got dragged off to the movie "Underword: Rise of the Lycans"
Not bad, better then the second...maybe even the first...I really like the gothic catle type stuff compared to modern day.
So I didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped. Plus I swore to myself (as I often do) that I would not release it if I didn't have it all ready..well I did promise. So I will release it tonight..please please treat this as a PREVIEW. I have removed / disabled anything that could be harmful. (Namely lot transition) I will be working on it somemore tonight and over the weekend to finish it up to what I consider a stable TEST release. Please download if you are really anxious. And do not report any gliches, as I did tell you.Most of what is left is just minor things, animation tweaks, etc, so there should be nothing harmful.
But I try to keep my word. So PREVIEW in the next few min, please read bug log. Compatability should be for most expansions asside for lot transiton that will be limiting when I release it hopefully over the weekend as well. This version does not use Timelord recognition...well..its turned off or ignored for testing purposes, so for the preview I have left it off.

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