January 28, 2009

Site Layout Changes

Okay, so as this blog is still evolving there is going to be times of change. Another one of these is happening today. I had a good suggestion about a new file hoster, mediafire. So we are gonna give em ago. I have spent the last hour or so uploading files and changing links.

There may be links I have overlooked and if so, I will correct them as they are brought to my attention.

Also I have changed K9 & Sonic Screw Driver to use an external Soundfile as some pople have had issues with custom sounds. This may or may not address all issues, since there is always the chance of conflict with other mods, but it should help some. So please download this package as well as remove old K9 & Sonic and download new. Also I have, I believe corrected a flicker issue with the sonic screwdriver, if it has not...well I may need to rebuild it...but lets hope not.

Going forward I will place all updated mods in the new & updated section for the first week or two. I also have seperated the Shared Mods aswell for a little more navigational help.

Also I have not yet updated the expanded posts with new links yet as I am looking at changind them a bit and if so I don't want to have to update them again. These will be updated over the next day or so. If not sooner.

And an additional note Tardis OLDVERSION download will not beavailable from medaifire as I will be replacing it very very soon and old version will be gone for good.

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