January 19, 2009

Sisterhood of Karn (Sacred Flame Elixir)

Sisterhood of Karn (Sacred Flame Elixir)
Ah the Sisterhood of Karn stood against Morbius! A dangerous Timelord who promised the Sisters Elixir of Life, the prepetual immortality..and now it can be yours for this one time over at...
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Version Change Log
1.0.ReleaseFall 2007

  • Mesh (Bottle for Cure Potions) & Texture
  • Previous Base Object For TimeLord Regeneration
  • Also Increased the life of a Sim by a Day
1.1.AlphaJanuary 19, 2009

  • Can Be Drank to Extend Life
  • Can Be Used as an Aid in Regeneration
  • Also Ensures a positive Regeneration
  • For Sims who can Control there Regen, Allows for that aswell

Bug Tracking Log

1.0.ReleaseFall 2007
1.1.AlphaJanuary 19, 2009Download

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