January 5, 2009

My Little Rant

Wow I almost threw out my computer when I seen the annoucement of the 11th (shouldn't it be 12th?) Doctor. Wow. 50's rockband singer. If they change Doctor Who into a Teenage soap opera I quit!....all that said I hope he proves me wrong, is a brilliant actor...and in the first episode a Dalek Fire a beam and Fries off his hair.

Otherwise lets hope, if he is terrible, BBC gets smart and yanks him out of the tardis and he lasts shorter then Eccelson.

Someone asked my my favorite Doctor..Tom Baker..no question. Then McCoy, Pertwee.
I never was a fan of Davison, I hated Colin Baker as a kid. Wich is funny cause I love him now. Probably because of the Audio plays, wich he is brilliant in. So is McGann and McCoy and Davison, although still my least favorite. Probably cause he just seems to young??? I think I changed my mind about Colin when I heard an interview with him, amazingly passionate man about Doctor WHO, very, very kind to fans, after learning that he had wanted to play the character much different, more inline with the Audio Plays and more leather eccelson look, I really think having given the chance to be what he wanted, I would really have enjoyed him more. But If I was too meant any of the Actors it would be him, just because of his love of the character.

I find it difficult not to say Tennant is my second, cause he probably is...but its such a difference Classic and Current. If the classics had the makeup and CGI effects and understanding of science and Tech that we do now it would be an even playing field and its not.

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