January 8, 2009

General Inquiry Response

Since I lost my FobWatch Mesh & I started it tonight since I didn't have a lot of free time today seemed like a quicky. Also put some bones and texture to Black Scrolls. (See Updates for Progress Images). Tomorrow K9 will go back on the editing table.

Last few days I have recieved a number of emails asking when this or that mod will be rereleased, what is next etc. For those who keep asking about Regeneration and Tardis Update read the following:

K9 is going to be the next mod released.
Just Working on his lazer beam and then a beta will come out.

Next: BLOCK 1 - TimeLord
KingMaker - 50%
Simbiotic Nuclei - 100%
TimeLord Memmory - 100%
Regenerated Memmory - 100%
Regeneration - Unknown likely 50 -75%
Black Scrolls - 75%
Untempered Skism - 75%

My plan if everything goes well, will to finish this mod up on the weekend. but depend on if I get enough time between now and then to get K9 done.

After that its anyones guess what is next. Im not sure myself. Likely it will by Doctors Hand & Fob Watch. Wich will also mean the Tardis right around that time. And Elixir of Karn.

At somepoint Cassandra will get some more mesh tweaking, and fucntions, wich will not take long. Once everything cleaned up I will start on new stuff. Likely release my Dalek first.

So please dont waste time asking when... cause I cant say for sure, only that is appears to be the way in wich i am cleanning them up.

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