January 17, 2009

Before downloading Regeneraion & Nuclei

I want to be very clear with this, this is a TEST release. It seems to very stable, but I have had an issue with Atrraction to Sims that become TimeLords. Though this shouldn't affect game play, I belive it to be corrected but treat this like a TEST. Do not save your lots with this (though it should be fine if you forget)
Requirements may not be accurate, as there is a very good chance you will not need Apartments, but since I am using a global mod alteration from apartments so as to have 100% compatability there is always that chance, until I know for sure you do not, I will leave the requirement posted. Also Fx requires Pets, I WILL once im sure this mod is stable and has been out for awahile go back and allow for people who do not have pets, by giving an alternate FX. This is not a priority right now.

I will be moving on the the child half of this, and once ready there will likely be an updated Nuclei to go with it. I do not expect it to be long before you see this available aswell as it shares the code from the nuclei, so there is not alot left to do.

I put a great deal of time into the rewrite, so I hope you all very much appreciate it. If you have any issue use the Kontacr button to get in touch with me. Please only post comments on the actual download posts.