January 17, 2009

Regeneration (TimeLord Sim)

TimeLord Regeneration
A Timelord has 13 lives, able to regenerate tissues after death and be reborn. Some Timelords those who have been inspired ot have gone mad, even have the unique ability to control there regeneration.
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Version Change Log

  • Initially Sister of Karn Only
  • Random Body
  • Random Traits
  • Radom Skills
  • Random Aspiration
  • Random Clothes
  • Able to Regenerate Upon Death

  • Able to Regenerate and Tack Incarnation Number
  • Regenerate with Different Animations Where Available
  • Custom Sound, Fx
  • Death Supported upto Seasons
1.1.AlphaSummer 2008

  • Death Support upto FreeTime
  • Able to Become Human
  • Able to Unlock Essence From FobWatch
1.2.AlphaJanury 16th, 2009

  • Support upto Apartment Life
  • New UnDeath Animations
  • Altered Regen Animation
  • Using Controller - Nuclei for All actions
  • Linked more to Path Choosen For TimeLord
  • Links to Support Watch & Doctors Hand

  • ****Requires Simbiotic Nuclei 1.0.Beta or Above

Bug Tracking Log

  • Current Status Unknown as of Apartment Life
  • Need Death Support for All Expansions
  • Regen Mod Completly Seperate from Fob, Tardis, Elixir of Karn Checked Over
  • Animation Support and Fx for Lower Expansions
  • More Aspiration and Goals Random From newer Expansions

1.0.BetaJanuary 16, 2009Download

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