January 19, 2009

King Maker (TimeLord NPC)

King Maker
The King Maker grants a Sim the status of a TimeLord. Why is it important to be given the title and not just take it? Well there's just nothing like the real thing, some TimeLord Sims can do things that others cannot. She sets them on there path.
Recommended Expansions

Version Change Log

  • Early Texture & Mesh For HeadDress
  • Early Sim Dress & Figure Choosen
  • Can Be Summoned by Skism
  • Leaves Cake Box as a Test
1.1.AlphaJanuary 19, 2009

  • Summoned if Sim is Worth
  • Summoned After a Sim stares into untempered Skism
  • Gives an Exam, If Worth grants Sim TimeLord Status
  • **** Requires Simbiotic Nuclei Version 1.1.Alpha or above

Bug Tracking Log

1.1.AlphaJanuary 19, 2009Download

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