December 29, 2008

The Future

Wow! Holidays can be fun.....or crazy lol. Thanks to all for the kind words over the holidays, there always appreciated. As for those asking what the future holds for my mods in the Sims 3, well that really depends on how quickly modding becomes possible and what control over objects we have. My goals will be as fallows:

Finish redesign of my blog...
Purchase Sims 3 lol

Create a TimeLord Sim (Regenerate, Random Traits etc)
Build or Buy or Grow or Earn a Tardis that can travel around lot.
Lots of Doctor Who objects like sonic screwdriver etc
Daleks & CyberMen (had a rough beta, not released that ran around killing all my sims, was a nightmare lol)
and more....

In short any and all mods i have made for sims 2, just improved. Also I know there have been a couple of my alpha mods that have made it out into the wild that I have never made public (mostly because they were too unstable) I have recieved private requests to allow them to be posted for download. I will not post them, nor will I make them privately available so please stop asking.

My Schedule should be much lighter soon, and I hope to get back into the grove for when Sims 3 comes out. WHO knows what I might do until then.

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