February 14, 2009

New Earth (Sisterhood 10,000 Disease Chamber)

New Earth (Sisterhood 10,000 Disease Chamber)
The Sister had to grow there own flesh in order to create enough cures for all the New Humans. You can produce enough elixir from own zombie to prolong the lives of many!. Cure Diseases! Produce new moods!
***Warning do not let the flesh free!
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Version Change Log

  • Initial Mesh
1.0.Alpha.Rev1February 7th, 2009

  • Tweaked Mesh, Size, Shape
  • Early Texture
  • First Package In Game Build
  • Preparations for Modding in Place
  • Create Sim Flesh (Zombie)
  • Incinerate Sim Flesh (Zombie)

1.0.Alpha.Rev2February 12th, 2009

  • Create/Extract Elixir From Chambers
  • Produce Elixir of Life
  • Produce Cures For Vampirism
  • Produce Cures For Lycans
  • Produce Cures For Plants
  • Produce Cures For Witch
  • Animated Elixir Tanks
  • Hide/Show LinkPipes
  • Animated Chamber Door
  • Zombies Get Smarter & Escape Trigger Flesh Free (BUGGY STILL)
  • Power on Lot Disrupt/Restore

1.0.Alpha.Rev3February 14th, 2009

  • Added Light Meshes to Chamber
  • Added Interior Texture & Pipes
  • Flesh is Free Fully Enabled
  • Corrected Walk Area
  • Labels on Tanks Showing Properly

Bug Tracking Log

  • Does not include "mood elixir"
  • All Zombies attack same sim

1.0.AlphaFebruary 14, 2009Download

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