March 18, 2008

Cassandra (The Last Human)

Cassandra (The Last Human)
The Last Human, well self proclaimed last pure human. Or Walking trampoline whichever you prefer needs a home. And will pay a great deal if you will keep her safe. Carefuly she tends to like to borrow bodies and whatever you do, dont make HER ANGRY!
Recommended Expansions

Next Version Features

  • New Texture
  • Fixed Custom Sound
  • New Sound Fx - Burn Baby Burn
  • New Sound Fx - Such a notty thing
  • Summons Burglar
  • Starts Fires
Version Change Log
1.0.AlphaFall 2007

  • Decoration Only
  • Mesh & Texture
1.1.AlphaMarch 19, 2008

  • Moisturize Interactions
  • Get $$ For taking care Cassandra
  • Dries Out After Time Passes without being Moisturized
  • Dispose of Body when Dies
  • Added Custom Sound FX
  • Summons Burglar if Dies

Bug Tracking Log

  • SoundFx No Longer Works
  • Better Death Mesh & Texture
  • Weather Absorvent (Snow, Rain Etc..different Effects)
  • Chance of Leaving on Her Own...if...
  • Chance of Betrawal...summon Burglar, other...

1.1.AlphaMarch 19, 2008Download

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