February 23, 2008



I had an email asking me how to do make use of these so I thought I would post the info for all.
There is a lot of confusion on how this is suuposed to work. So I decided to make this simple.

X = Stands for the Local Variable that contains the Refence to Wich Private String Table to use.
Example $PrivateString:1:Y, 1 would refer to Local 0x0001

Y = Stands for the Local Variable that Points to the Text Item in X

So Lets Say you:
Associate Local 0x0001 with 0x03EA (could use Const in BCON)
Associate Local 0x0002 with Value 1

using $PrivateString:1:2 in a Dialog would retrieve the Line from:
STR# instance:0x000003EA, Text Line Entry 0x0001

Make Sure you have current StackID 0x0000 set to Object containing Strings!

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